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5 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. I attended the Hot Wax Workshop hosted by Ivory Mistress Jae this past month and was positively delighted by my experience. Ms Jae was welcoming, funny and professional. I truly appreciated her mix of humor with education and her real world anecdotes made for fascinating conversation. The tips and techniques she provided have me feeling confident to explore more on my own and I learned so much! Her class felt like a playful and exciting night out with your best girlfriends. I would highly recommend any of her workshops and plan to attend many more.

  2. This was such a fun evening, ladies night out, with such a sexy theme. Jae, is just an amazing presenter and educator, I’ve seen her give several workshops so far; and they are always really informative and wonderfully humorous.
    I highly recommend you treat yourself to one of her classes, and some of them are for couples or at least a mixed audience. You will be entertained and truly come away with some great ideas and ways to enhance your love life.

  3. My lovely Princess and I attended a `foot lovers` presentation. Mistress Jae made it a fun along with educational evening. I now forgot what my lady looks like from the ankles up…LOL

    I highly recommend her class!

  4. Attended the May 2017 sex trivia game night at the Baltimore Playhouse. I’m not a very outgoing person socially, but Mistress Jae has a way of putting Her audience at ease. It was a fun night mixed with some brain teasers to keep you involved. A great way to interact with people in a fun, relaxed, and entertaining environment Highly recommend.

  5. I attended Mistress Jae’s Kinky Sex 101 class and was really pleased with the topics covered and the overall structure of the class. She did a wonderful job introducing me and the other attendees to basic kinky concepts and general safety and etiquette guidelines for playing. Mistress Jae was very warm and open, and really fostered a good conversation between all of us. She also went into our specific questions and concerns, making the class feel very tailored to our group’s own preferences. I look forward to participating in another class of hers in the future!

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