Service for Tops & Bottoms


DC SMACK PRESENTS An Educational VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR “Discussion: Exploring the Fun and Erotic Joys of Service for Tops & Bottoms” led by Ivory Mistress Jae

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 from 8-9pm!

DC SMACK’s VIRTUAL experience will be at all our homes or places of quarantine on Tuesday, July 7, 2020 at 8:00pm. DC SMACK Productions reaches out to all kinksters, fetishists, swingers, BDSM practitioners, and kinky Burners of the DC area and beyond.

For those shy and new to the scene, you are welcome to join us! You will have an opportunity to get introduced to others in the session.

DC SMACK Presents A Virtual Happy Hour Experience with a Featured Presenter and Engaging Topic – “Discussion: Exploring the Fun and Erotic Joys of Service for Tops & Bottoms” led by Ivory Mistress Jae!

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Discussion: Exploring the Fun and Erotic Joys of Service for Tops & Bottoms led by Ivory Mistress Jae

If you ever fantasize about a naked chef preparing you a succulent meal and then serving it to you in nothing but a sexy apron, and then the chef does the dishes afterwards while you relax, you just might be into service. Doubly so if you want to be that naked chef, pampering your special guest. This presentation and discussion session will dispel some of the myths surrounding the idea of service in a sexual or kinky relationship. For example, service isn’t exclusively an activity for bottoms/submissives to do. Many top/dominant types end up finding areas of service that they really enjoy providing for the people in their care.

Then we’ll get into a lot of fun examples of service and how it can actually work in your life! From ideas on how to motivate someone to provide you with service, to also opening yourself up to actually accepting their service which can be a lot harder than it sounds. For people who love to serve, we’ll also go over how to establish boundaries while still being able to give of yourself. And if you are not necessarily into serving but you want to expand your arsenal of seductive charms, we can help you find a way to develop your own personal style of service – one that you can excel at and have fun with!

Join us for an engaging presentation and discussion! Even if you have never engaged in service, you might just find an aspect that appeals to you. And if you already love it, we would love to have you share your experiences.