Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Sensuality Coaching?”

Sensuality Coaching is a specific form of life coaching that’s all about empowering people in their sexual lives!

My goals as a coach are to help you improve your personal confidence and sexual life through education and training. I do not have a cookie cutter approach, so I will ask you a lot of questions in order to customize our time together. These questions can include information on your sexual experience as well as your sensual goals. I am here to offer support and guidance to empower your sensual development.

Sensuality Coaching is not therapy or counseling. I am not trained as a therapist and am not available to diagnose or replace traditional therapy.

How did you get into teaching and coaching about kinky sex?

–Most of my life I have been fascinated by human sexuality and I’ve dedicated myself to learning about all aspects of sex. Once I started exploring my own sexual life, I couldn’t help but share a lot of what I was learning about myself with people close to me. Fortunately I have supportive people in my life who accepted my quirky interests and listened to me go on and on about orgasms, penis sizes, my favorite wooden paddle for maximum impact, etc. Eventually they all started coming to me with the questions they didn’t feel comfortable asking anyone else. These conversations would often start with them saying, “I know you won’t judge me and you probably know all about this…”. It really touched me that I could be a source of knowledge and a refuge for them. I began teaching at events, and eventually, my students, friends, and family all urged me to set up a business being a professional kinky sex coach! I took their advice and have been happily delving into all kinds of excitement ever since.

What is “kinky sex?”

The phrase “kinky sex” covers a wide range of activities. The best thing is it can be accessible to everyone. At its heart, kinky sex is about developing communication skills, exploring fantasies, and having fun!

Who comes to you for coaching?

–Women, men, and couples have consulted with me for personal sessions. I teach workshops and give presentations at adult stores, dungeons, kinky educational groups, national conferences, and colleges and universities.

What can I expect from a coaching session?

–Judgement-Free Zone: People have an incredible variety of sexual interests! When you come to me for a professional session, I want you to understand that I am not here to judge you. My hope is for you to feel comfortable and open in sharing your secret desires, even if you are barely able to tell me about them without blushing. My main rule for the things we discuss is that they are consensual activities between adults.

–Education: I like to work in as much information as possible in my sessions, so be forewarned that you might feel a little overwhelmed–in a very good way! I am always respectful of our scheduled appointments and strive to maximize our time together.

–Skills and Strategies: My objective is to use my years of research and personal experience to help you reach your goals. Some clients come to me to improve their sensual communication and negotiation skills for more satisfaction in bed. Some arrive wanting to learn how to do a specific activity, such as giving a thorough, safe spanking or becoming an erotic role play superstar. Some want to improve their skills in a certain area. I look forward to crafting a plan with you to bring your sex life to the next level with fun and passion!

Part of being a mentor and coach is also being a confidant. I always keep our discussions confidential and will not share them with anyone.


–Attention to safety: Safety is always a priority, which includes physical safety as well as emotional and mental wellbeing.

–Resources: I am happy to provide you with additional resources for expanding your sensual life. Resources may include: a reading list of educational books, specific product recommendations that are well-suited for your goals; local vendors for kinky toys; a guide to shopping for sex toys and sexy outfits; local organizations, groups, and social events for meeting like-minded people.

Where do sessions take place?

–Your personal coaching sessions can be arranged to best suit your needs. I am available in person, by phone, and Skype chats, as well and via email. In many cases, I can schedule a combination of those options for clients. If we meet in person, it will be at a mutually agreed upon location. Some of my consultations take place at my have a private studio in Frederick, Maryland that is perfect for a safe and comfortable coaching environment which is well-suited for individuals and couples who want to learn particular kink skills. Additionally, I have access to renting professional dungeon spaces if you want a specific piece of are looking to learn more about using dungeon equipment such as crosses and bondage tables, etc.

Will you come to my home?

–No, I typically do not make house visits. However, if you are able to provide me with references from local professionals, I will consider this on a case -by- case basis.

Is there nudity in a session?

–This varies depending on the topic and type of coaching session we agree to. If I’m teaching a couple a specific skill —for example, a lesson on sensual hot wax play or flogging— what you cover or uncover is according to your comfort level.

Are you ever nude in a session?
–No. I remain clothed at all times.

Is there sexual contact as part of sessions?

–No. I do not engage in any sexual contact with my clients. For some classes, I may demonstrate techniques on my own model. But there is no sexual activity in my coaching sessions.

What is your cancellation policy?

–If you need to cancel or reschedule, I require a minimum of 24 hours notice. Emergency situations will be considered on an individual basis. Less than 24 hours notice requires you to pay for the full session prior to our next booking. Or if you have a pre-paid package, it will be still counted as a session.

Do you offer discounts? Are your rates negotiable?

–I periodically offer discounts on personal coaching sessions through promotions for people who attend my group workshops or other special events. I sometimes offer sliding scale for those in financial need.

— I am a firm believer in making education affordable and available to everyone. My rates for large events, public appearances, and workshops vary according to several different factors and can be negotiable in certain circumstances. Please contact me with detailed information and we can go from there.