Month: December 2018

Sexy Gift Ideas for the Winter

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Hello all of you naughty darlings out there!

In need of fun and provocative gift ideas for the winter holidays? I have a few suggestions to heat things up on the home front. Feel free to comment with your personal favorites, too!

1. Hot wax! Think of the warm wax flowing across your body. Colored wax is great for sensual designs. Just remember to order candles that are created to be used on skin. has a variety of colors available. These sensual candles are designed for warmth, not burning your skin!



2. Paddles! With the proper application, a paddle will have someone’s cheeks warm & rosy! For a sensual approach, start out with milder hits that slowly work up to firm and stinging. If you have a spanko brat, give them some hard swats to get their attention right away! offers a variety of unique design and decorations!



3. Warming Lube! Lube is always a great addition to sexy times, but warming lube adds a nice touch during the colder months. It usually creates a pleasant tingling warmth, which gets everybody nice and juicy! Just be sure to check the ingredients to be sure you aren’t allergic to any. K-Y brand offers a warming liquid which is also great for a sensual massage and they have a warming jelly as well. Click for their article on when to use warming liquids.



4. eGift Cards to IMJ Coach! Give yourself or someone special the gift of personalized sensuality coaching or erotic education with one of my gift cards. Cards are good for coaching sessions as well as private classes and can also be applied to your own custom party! Screenshot_2018-12-20 Order IMJ eGift Cards Square

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