Kink at a Distance


Pandemic got you down?  So much social distancing leaving you with urges for erotic connections but you still need to keep physically distant?  Then this presentation is for you!!!  Learn a bunch of ways to bring kinky fun into your life while maintaining social & physical distancing!  Whether you are apart from the one(s) who make your lust burn or if you are confined to the same house with them, join us and develop hot strategies for escaping everyday life and connecting with your partner(s) on even more intensely intimate levels.

After the presentation, we will open up the session for your specific questions.  It’s a great chance to brainstorm and spark some wicked fantasies for plans to come…  or better yet, plans to CUM!!!

We are using an online conference platform to host the class.  Please note that nudity is NOT allowed.  If you have never attended a class or event using a web conference app, please reach out to IM Jae as she has helpful instructional links for you.

This class may be recorded.  We will alert you at the beginning of the session either way.  Please feel free to turn off your video feed.  (The recorded portion will have the list of attendees turned off from the recording’s view.  We want to preserve your privacy as much as possible.)  Even if the session is not recorded, you are welcome to have your video feed on or off depending on your comfort level.  The Q&A portion will NOT be recorded.  (There is an icon that appears on the screen in the upper left corner which alerts you if the recording feature is on.)  Feel free to write in ahead of time with any questions or concerns.

To register for the class, please send IM Jae a private message letting her know how you want to pay.  You can use CashApp, EventBrite, or Square. Thank you!

Date: Sunday, July 19, 2020 — 2pm – 3pm (GMT-4, Washington, DC)
Location: online
Fee: Sliding scale $10 – $20.  (Tips are welcome!)  Pay what you can afford. If you can’t afford anything, contact me & I might be able to help you attend for free.